Accessibility features supported on Instagram

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Be sure to refer to the general best practices that will help you create accessible social media content.

Additionally, Instagram offers certain features that can make your posts accessible to more people.

Supported features

Features not supported

  • Captions on live videos are not supported.
  • Closed captions on video are not supported.

Best practices

  • Limit text in images. Include image text in the alt text.
  • Create and edit your videos before you upload them to Instagram so you can include open or closed captions.
  • Edit your captions stickers for accuracy. The text must match the audio.
  • When adding text to videos, such as editing your captions stickers, make sure the text has enough contrast to the background to be highly visible and use an easily readable font.
  • For Instagram users without a verified account, add links in the bio. It is best to add a brief link description before the link itself.
  • For Instagram users with a verified account, you can post links on your posts using tags and links on your stories with a "see more" link.
  • It is unclear whether Instagram is set up so that tags can be read by screen readers. Best practice would be to also include tags in the Instagram caption body, using @ language, and not just on the image itself.
  • Learn tips to make your Instagram feed more accessible, including alt text, high contrast, image descriptions, video captions, large text, and strobe lighting usage.

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