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UITS staff who log into the IU Knowledge Base (KB) can see restricted-access information on this page about publishing, updating, and closing IT Notices.

UITS staff who are logged into the KB but still cannot see the restricted-access content on this page should check with their supervisors to confirm they are members of the appropriate ADS security groups. If you are the supervisor of a UITS unit that (after logging into the KB) cannot view the restricted-access content below, contact the UITS Knowledge Management team to set up access for your team; include an ADS security group that can be used to grant access permissions to members of your staff.


IT Notices, posted on Status.IU and updated by the UITS Support Center, provide timely announcements about the Indiana University computing systems, services, and applications that students, faculty, and staff use daily to achieve academic progress and conduct university business. IT Notices include general announcements, listings of scheduled changes and planned maintenance windows, and notices about outages, problems, and interruptions.

Developers and service owners may pull status information into their applications using the Status.IU API.

IT Notices guidelines

When creating or updating IT Notices, Support Center staff follow these general guidelines:

  • Timely: IT Notices are published and updated in a timely manner as soon as Support Center staff determine that a service outage or interruption has occurred.
  • Targeted: Information provided within IT Notices is targeted toward our clients (primarily IU students, faculty, and staff). IT Notices are not intended as the primary internal UITS notification for summarizing service outage details.
  • Concise: IT Notices concisely communicate the applications or services affected by the outage or interruption, provide brief status updates, and confirm restoration of normal service.

Regularly scheduled maintenance windows

Many services have regularly scheduled maintenance windows. These are listed on the Status.IU website. For more, see Scheduled maintenance for UITS systems.

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