ARCHIVED: Completed project: Admissions Online Applications

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Primary UITS contact: Sandy Thompson

Completed: August 5, 2010

Description: Apply Yourself (AY) is a vended application that IU has been used since the inception of PeopleSoft as a third-party application for the submission of admissions applications at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Applications are submitted in batch at night into the PeopleSoft system. The purpose of this project is to replace this vended application.

Outcome: With the completion of this project, IU will be getting $7 more per application than it did in the past. With the AY application, the students pay an application fee. All of the application fee comes to IU and is distributed accordingly. One of the distributions is to AY (they get $7/application from the application fee the student pays). After completion of this project, IU will now have this $7/application as income for distribution rather than as an expense.

Milestones and status:

  • Online Undergraduate Admissions Application: This application was moved into production in October 2009. It is used by all campus Admissions Offices with the exception of the Bloomington Admissions Office, which currently uses a departmental application.
  • Online Graduate Admissions Application: This application has a Java front end, uses the Workflow system for approvals, and updates PeopleSoft in an automated fashion. It hooks into a site where recommendations for an applicant can be entered. It went into production August 5, 2010.

Comment process: Send comments to the SIS Student Records Team or Sandy Thompson.

Benefits: This project will:

  • Increase income to the university and reduce expense
  • Automate the approval process for graduate admissions applications
  • Hook into a site for recommenders to be able to provide input in an automated fashion

Risks: This application is tightly coupled with OneStart and IU Guest Account functionality.

Primary client: Applicants and Admissions Offices system-wide

Client impact: The major impact is increased revenue to this point (with the undergraduate application). However, when we complete the graduate Admissions application, major new functionality will be introduced, as this application will use Workflow for the approval process. There will also be a site for recommenders to be able to provide input.

Project team: The development team is made up of developers from the SIS technical team. Admissions Offices staff representing IUPUI, as well as the system-wide Student Enrollment Services office representing the regional campuses, have served as functional analysts to date.

Governance: The SIS Enterprise Student Systems Executive Committee (ESSEC) is the governing body to determine the priority of requests. Functional representation to this point has been directed by Student Enrollment Services and the Admissions offices system-wide. The SIS systems development manager is responsible for technical implementation.

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