ARCHIVED: Completed project: Adobe Connect Upgrade

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Primary UITS contact: Chris Golden

Completed: June 8, 2010

Description: Since 2004, UITS has hosted an Adobe Connect (formerly Breeze) Meeting service for Indiana University faculty and staff members to conduct online meetings and webinars. The latest version of Connect Meeting (7.5) includes significant feature enhancements. We anticipate upgrading to Connect Meeting 7.5 at the end of the spring 2010 semester. Doing so will require a coordinated UITS communication, training, and support effort.

Outcome: The project goal is to improve the experience of Adobe Connect Meeting users by upgrading the server software and refining the support processes for IU's Connect Meeting service. The new features in Connect 7.5 will improve the collaboration experience for customers, while the refined support model will help customers realize the full potential of Connect Meeting.

Milestones and status: The server software upgrade is planned for May 8, 2010. The following tasks are ongoing throughout the spring 2010 semester:

  • Install Connect 7.5 in test environment and test
  • Review support model for IU's Connect Meeting service
  • Review and document new features of Connect 7.5
  • Revise Knowledge Base entries for Connect Meeting
  • Revise Connect Meeting web documentation
  • Assess Connect Meeting training needs
  • Communicate the change to meeting hosts
  • Conduct regular webinars to introduce the change and answer questions
  • Conduct LSP infoshare

Comment process: Email Breeze Admin.

Benefits: In addition to providing users with the enhanced features that Connect Meeting 7.5 offers (e.g., breakout rooms, recording edit/download, and improved permission granularity), this is an opportunity to revisit all aspects of Connect support to ensure that we're providing first-rate service to our conferencing customers.

Related information: IU's Web Conferencing pages and Adobe Connect Meeting Manager

Primary client: IU faculty and staff

Project team:

  • Chris Golden, Video Infrastructure
  • Kathryn Propst, Teaching and Learning Technology Centers
  • Tom Janke, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Al Joco, Support Center
  • Amy Neymeyr, IT Training
  • Gary Curto, Classroom Technology Services
  • Sarah Engel, CPO

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