ARCHIVED: Use the VMWare Remote Console to boot a virtual machine from a locally stored ISO image

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Following are instructions for using the VMWare Remote Console (VMRC) to install an operating system on your virtual machine (VM) from an ISO image stored on your local workstation. If you don't already have VMRC installed on your workstation, download and install it from IUware.

  1. Use md5sum to make sure the ISO is uncorrupted, and then ensure that the ISO is bootable.
  2. Right-click your VM, and then select Open Console. Launch the VMware Remote Console.
  3. From the vsphere client, right-click the VM name, and click the Edit Settings option.
  4. Click the Options tab, and then select Boot Options and choose the option to force entry into the BIOS setup screen.

    The next time you power on the VM, it will enter the BIOS setup screen. From there you can change the BIOS boot order so the CD/DVD drive comes before the hard drive.

  5. Click OK and turn on the VM. In the remote console, when the VMware startup screen appears, wait for the BIOS menu to appear.
  6. In the BIOS menu, navigate to the "Boot" section. To move CD ROM Drive to the top, highlight CD ROM Drive with the arrow key, and then press the + (plus sign) until CD ROM Drive is at the top of the list.
  7. Press Ctrl-Alt to move the cursor outside the BIOS menu, and then click the VMRC drop-down menu.
  8. Select Removable Devices->CD/DVD drive 1, and then select Connect to the disk image file (ISO). Select the ISO file from your workstation.
  9. Press F10 to confirm and save your changes. Your VM will reboot with the ISO attached, and the installation will start.
  10. Continue through the installation prompts.

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