Recover a PGP WDE encrypted disk

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If you don't know your recovery key

If you forget your PGP passphrase, contact your IT Pro, who will unlock your computer drive with the PGP key and then re-add you to the PGP keyring. If you forget your PGP passphrase and do not have an IT Pro, or if a file has been encrypted with a key that becomes lost or corrupted, or if data has been encrypted by a user no longer with the university, the University Information Policy Office (UIPO) can assist with recovery. UIPO maintains the Whole Disk Encryption recovery tokens (WDRT) and an additional decryption key which can be used to decrypt data encrypted with the IU distribution of Symantec Endpoint Encryption (PGP). If this need arises, contact the UIPO at If your request meets the guidelines in IU policy Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources (IT-07), as well as any other applicable IU policies, UIPO will contact you and explain how to proceed.

If you know your recovery key

In the event of encrypted disk corruption or errors, refer to the appropriate support document on recovery and diagnosis:


For more about PGP Whole Disk Encryption, see the Symantec Knowledge Base.

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