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Primary UITS contact: Jennifer Van Horn

Completed: September 9, 2010

Description: This project upgrades the existing UniCom environment to Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 R2. Users must install the new OCS R2 client from IUware before June 1, 2010.

Outcome: The project goal is to improve the experience of users that work with the OCS client by upgrading to the R2 version of OCS. The new features in OCS R2 improve the efficiency of the client and include several new phone integration enhancements that mirror the advanced telephone environment.

Milestones and status:

  • November 2009: Set up new hardware for OCS R2. Completed
  • January 2010: Prepare the OCS R2 client packages for IUware. Completed
  • January 2010: Set up project team on OCS R2. Completed
  • February 2010: Update important IU Knowledge Base and training documents. Completed
  • February 2010: Develop a UniCom landing web page for service information. Completed
  • March 2010: Remove the old OCS R1 clients from IUware. Completed
  • March 2010: Send message to LSPs and Telecom Coordinators regarding the availability of the new OCS R2 clients. Explain the old OCS R1 clients will no longer work after June 1, 2010. Completed
  • March 8, 2010: Make the OCS R2 clients publicly available through IUware. Completed
  • March 2010: Begin an active end user marketing campaign to install the new OCS R2 clients. Completed
  • March 26, 2010: LSP Tech Talk presentation on the new OCS R2 features. Completed
  • April 2010: Email reminder to LSPs and Telecom Coordinators that users must upgrade clients to OCS R2 before June 1, 2010. Completed
  • May 2010: Send message to OCS R1 end users that they must upgrade to OCS R2 before June 1, 2010. Completed
  • June 1, 2010: Configure OCS servers to only accept connections from OCS R2 clients. Completed

Comment process: Send email to

UniCom R2 videos recorded at the LSP Tech Talk on March 26, 2010:

View he entire stream here.

Following are the individual segments:

Benefits: New features include:

  • Desktop sharing: Using the OCS client, participants in a Communicator conversation can share their entire computer desktops with the other participants.
  • Meet Now Conferencing: This feature allows you to quickly start a new conference and invite people inside or outside of IU.
  • Dial-in Audio Conferencing: Users without a computer can now join an OCS R2 audio conference using a regular mobile, desk, or home phone.
  • Team Call: Using the Call Forwarding Settings, you can set up a group of contacts known as a team call group, who can answer your incoming calls. This feature emulates the group pickup feature in a traditional PBX system.
  • Call Delegation: This feature allows managers or those in similar positions to select one or more assistants (delegates) to receive their phone calls. Delegates are contacts who can answer the manager's calls and make and transfer calls on the manager's behalf.
  • Outlook Voice Mail Enhancements: Users can now directly call a contact's voice mailbox to leave a message. A new option enables you to quickly access your voice mail greeting so that you can update it when necessary.

Primary client: IU students, faculty, and staff

Client impact: Current UniCom OCS R1 participants will need to install the new OCS R2 client by June 1, 2010, as the OCS R1 client will not work after June 1, 2010.

Project team:

  • Jennifer Van Horn, Project Manager
  • Matt Dixon, Infrastructure Team Leader
  • Rick Jackson, Infrastructure Team Member
  • Peter Uthuppuru, Infrastructure Team Member
  • Paul Clegg, Telephony Team Leader
  • Jerry Perkins, Telephony Team Member
  • Mark Spencer, Telephony Team Member
  • Karen Garrett, Communications Team Leader
  • Chris England, LSP Consultant
  • Tim Ryder, LSP Consultant
  • Jonny Sweeny, Security Consultant
  • Carol Rhodes, Training Team Leader
  • Dennis Gillespie, Support Team Leader
  • Drew Hostetler, Support Team Member
  • Barb Patrick, Support Team Member
  • Elizabeth Venstra, Knowledge Base Editor
  • Greg Moore, Communications Consultant

Governance: Mike Lucas, Director, Telecommunication Infrastructure, Executive Sponsor

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