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Akindi is an exam-scoring platform that is integrated with Canvas, allowing faculty and instructors to process student bubble-sheet exam forms without needing to use high-capacity scanners (for example, Scantron machines).

Prior to the exam, and using standard printers, instructors can print exam forms that are prepopulated with student identification information. Completed exam forms can then be scanned into a PDF document using regular scanners, and uploaded into the platforms for grading and reporting of results into Canvas. Faculty maintain control over the exam scoring process, which can lead to faster access to exam analytics, quick adjustment of exam keys, and planned release of grades through Canvas.

Indiana University is piloting Akindi to explore efficiencies for bubble-sheet exam scoring.

Sign up for a pilot

To join the Akindi pilot, go to Next.IU, scroll down to the contact form, and fill in the fields with your information. Select Akindi from the "Sign up for a pilot" drop-down menu, and click Submit. Someone from the Next team will contact you with further details.

Learn more and get help

For more about Akindi, see:

For help, contact Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing at best@indiana.edu.

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