About MachForm

MachForm is the supported web form processing software for IU Sitehosting.

MachForm is available without fee, and instructions for installing and migrating MachForm are available on GitHub:

The account owner of the account where MachForm is installed is responsible for making sure IU policies are followed by all MachForm developers, designers, and users. For example, if IU institutional data is involved, then those involved need to request access and meet training requirements (see How supervisors and Data Managers establish access to institutional data and applications for individuals). If MachForm is used with institutional data, the account owner needs to obtain any approvals necessary before collecting any data with MachForms (see Work with institutional data at IU).

Rivet styles are available with MachForm to help you create usable, accessible, and consistent interfaces and experiences across IU websites and applications. For more, see Rivet Software Design System.

Support is available for three most recent versions of MachForm and the Rivet styles. For questions, email Support Center Tier 2.

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