Use the Data Dictionary to change the structure of your data collection instruments in IU REDCap

In IU REDCap, the Data Dictionary is a spreadsheet in CSV format representing the structure of your database. Your Data Dictionary contains the metadata used to construct your data collection instruments. It captures the same information as the Online Form Editor, but displays it in a more concise format.

Each row in a Data Dictionary spreadsheet corresponds to a field in your data entry form. The order of questions in a Data Dictionary file defines the order they appear in the database.

You can use the Data Dictionary to change the structure of your data collection instruments. If you have many variables, or are using advanced functionalities (branching logic and calculated fields), use the Data Dictionary to modify your project. Changes you make with the Data Dictionary are not propagated in real time to your project; changes are not committed until you upload the modified Data Dictionary file. Changes for development databases will take effect immediately, but changes to production databases will need to be reviewed and approved by the REDCap administrator before they take effect. The new structure will apply to both new and existing records.

After the Data Dictionary has been uploaded to REDCap, a human-readable version is accessible by clicking the appropriate link at the top of the "Quick Tasks" section on the project home page. This version is called the "Codebook", and it serves as a quick reference that lets you view the attributes of any given field in the project without having to download and interpret the Data Dictionary.

If you have questions about IU REDCap, or need help setting up or managing an IU REDCap project, email IU REDCap support.

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