ARCHIVED: In Microsoft SharePoint, what is the Recycle Bin, and how do I recover deleted items?

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The SharePoint on-premises service is being replaced by SharePoint Online, available since July 2016. For more, see About the SharePoint retirement.

  • If you are a SharePoint site owner whose site has been disabled, you can visit SharePoint Standard Farm Migration to request an extension/re-enable. SharePoint will be permanently disabled no later than June 2, 2017; most sites should have migrated to SharePoint Online by March 31, 2017. Sites scheduled to be disabled on March 31 were disabled on April 3, 2017.
  • SharePoint My Sites were permanently retired on April 3, 2017.

In a Microsoft SharePoint site or My Site, the Recycle Bin is temporary storage for all items deleted from that site. You can access the Recycle Bin from the left menu bar in your site.

Note: In a My Site, you must be in the My Content area to see the Recycle Bin.

Each Recycle Bin has two stages:

  • First stage: When you delete a file from your site or My Site, it goes into the "end user" Recycle Bin, and stays there for up to 14 days from the time you deleted it. You can remove the file earlier by manually removing (or restoring) it. Items in the first stage count against your site's quota. If you deleted the file accidentally, you (or the site collection administrator) can restore it.

    To restore an item from this stage of the Recycle Bin, click Recycle Bin, check the box next to the item to restore, and then click Restore Selection.

  • Second stage: When an item is removed from the first stage, it goes to the Site Collection Recycle Bin for the remainder of the 14 days (e.g., if the file remained in the first stage for 10 days, it would have only four days in the second stage). At that time, it is purged (i.e., removed entirely).

    Items in this second stage do not count against your site's quota. The size of the second stage is equal to one quarter of your site quota (i.e., with a 20 GB quota, an additional 5 GB is allocated to the second stage Recycle Bin). If you exceed your second stage quota, the system automatically purges the oldest items to make room for new items.

    Only site collection administrators are able to access and restore files in the Site Collection Recycle Bin. To restore an item from the Site Collection Recycle Bin:

    1. From the Site Actions menu, select Site Settings.
    2. Under "Site Collection Administration", select Recycle bin.
    3. Check the box next to the item or items to restore, and then click Restore Selection.
    4. In the confirmation box, click OK.

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