ARCHIVED: Completed project: Oncourse Oracle Linux Database Migration

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Primary UITS contact: Dan Young, Manager, Enterprise Database Administration

Completed: November 3, 2010

Description: The currency, reliability, and longevity of enterprise data are central to any efficient information technology solution. In its efforts to provide the most current, recoverable, and cost-effective data computing environment possible, the Oncourse Oracle Linux Database project intends to migrate the Oncourse enterprise database infrastructure to the standardized University Linux platform, running on VMware. The migration will introduce new manageability and dynamic business continuity features supplied by VMware, as well as an overall decrease in service cost through the consolidation of physical server assets into commodity hardware. Additionally, notable operational advantages will be realized as systems are standardized on a common build and structure.

Outcome: Once complete, the Oncourse enterprise database infrastructure will be fully virtualized and standardized, leveraging core Enterprise Infrastructure system management strengths and hardware.

Milestones and status:

Phase I (Development/Test System Deployment and Validation):

  • August-September 2010: Planning and preparation of standard environment specifications, processes and procedures, supporting Oncourse on virtualized Linux. Completed
  • October 2010: Formal Functional and Load Testing utilizing DynaTrace and Neoload by Oncourse and Enterprise Database Technical staff. Completed

Phase II (Production Deployment):

  • October 2010: Production Deployment, starting at 00:00 on October 30. Completed

Comment process: Email Dan Young.


  • Strategically positions the Oncourse Enterprise Databases for high availability via VMware at the hardware layer, with thin provisioning at both the server and storage components
  • Reduces costs associated with legacy, propriety hardware solutions and makes more efficient use of current physical assets
  • Places Oncourse Enterprise Databases on the primary operating system (Linux) used by the vendor (Oracle), which allows for early feature delivery and faster issue resolution from the vendor

Related information: See the ARCHIVED: Original Database Virtualization Project, excluding Oncourse, PeopleSoft, and Enterprise Decision Support.

Primary client: All Oncourse enterprise software solutions and users, including Oncourse CL and Original Oncourse

Client impact: The Enterprise Database Administration team intends to minimize client impact by performing these migrations during standard published maintenance windows.

Project team: The Enterprise Database Administration Team

Governance: Rob Lowden, Director, Enterprise Infrastructure

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