ARCHIVED: At IU, in Mac OS X, how do I configure Outlook 2011 to read my Cyrus or IU Exchange mail using IMAP?

You can configure Microsoft Outlook to read your IU Exchange mail using IMAP. However, UITS recommends not doing so, as it will limit the functionality of Outlook.

Instead, use Outlook Web App (OWA) for a more full-featured experience.

When you start Outlook 2011 for the first time, a "Welcome to Outlook for Mac" screen appears, with the options to add a new account, or import one from Entourage or another email application. If you are switching from Entourage, setting up a new account is generally the best option. However, if you wish to transfer mail, or contacts in Entourage listed as "On My Computer" or in an Entourage archive, you should import your account. You can also import email and contacts from other email applications.

To import information from Windows versions of Outlook, import a .pst file.

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Adding a new account

The initial connection to the IMAP server will sync account content to your computer. This can take an hour or more for accounts with a large amount of data.

  1. On the welcome screen that appears when you start Outlook 2011 for the first time, select Add Account. This will take you to the "Accounts" preference window. If you do not see the welcome screen or the "Accounts" window, from the Tools menu, select Accounts.
  2. In the bottom left of the "Accounts" preference window, click the + (plus) button, and then select Email....
  3. Enter the following information for your account:
    • E-mail address: Your email address, e.g.,
    • Password: Your Network ID passphrase
    • User name: Your Network ID username

      If you have difficulty authenticating and all other account settings are correct, add ADS\ before your username (e.g., ADS\username).

    • Type: Select IMAP from the drop-down menu.
    • Incoming server: Enter the hostname of your IMAP server:

      To access your Exchange account, enter

      Check Use SSL to connect.

    • Outgoing server: Enter:

      Check Override default port, and then enter 465 in the field to the right of the colon. Also check Use SSL to connect.

      If you are unable to send email with this port number, try changing it to 587.

  4. When you've entered everything, click Add Account.
  5. You should now see your account listed in the left column of the "Accounts" window. To the right will be your account settings. Near the bottom of your account settings, under the "Outgoing server:" field, click More Options.... In the sheet that opens, from the pull-down menu next to "Authentication:", select Use Incoming Server Info. Click OK.
  6. For access to additional settings, you can click Advanced..., but changing these settings is normally unnecessary to access your IMAP account.
  7. Close the "Accounts" window.

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Importing from another application

To import an account from another mail client:

  1. Open Outlook 2011.
  2. From the File menu, select Import.
  3. In the Import assistant, select the option for the kind of import you want.
  4. Click the right arrow to continue, and select the appropriate kind of file to import.
  5. Click the right arrow to continue, and select the kinds of data or file to import. You may need to click Browse... to find the file you want to import.
  • During the import process, you may be asked if you want to use confidential information stored in your Keychain. If so, select Always Allow.
  • The import process may also alert you to duplicate items with the option to Stop Importing, Skip, or Replace the items. Choose Skip, and check the box for Apply the action I choose to all other conflicts.

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