ARCHIVED: Completed project: SharePoint 2010

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Primary UITS contact: Rick Jackson

Completed: April 1, 2011

Description: This project will establish a central SharePoint 2010 production service for all of IU. The service will provide My Sites for individual graduate students, faculty, and staff. It will also provide the infrastructure for team or departmental sites with standard capabilities and an advanced farm for hosting sites that require custom development. Additional services will be layered on top of this base architecture as appropriate, e.g., document management.

Outcome: UITS will use its leverage to provide a robust, centralized SharePoint infrastructure and thus eliminate the need for multiple SharePoint installations at IU and multiple SharePoint farm administrators. Departments, faculty, staff and graduate students will use this service to build their own sites.

Milestones and status:

  • Establish base infrastructure in II Completed
  • Migrate pre-existing sites to the new version Completed
  • Acquire and deploy additional storage capacity for expected content Completed
  • Establish official SharePoint service practices and standards: some established, others pending
  • Establish support resources, including a "support resources portal" site within SharePoint, and hands-on My Site and advanced training Completed
  • Begin communication Completed


  • Reduces unnecessary duplication of SharePoint services across multiple schools or departments.
  • Provides an on-premises "cloud" service for internal websites, collaboration, and document store for management units, employees, and graduate students.
  • Reduces the need for departmental servers.
  • Providing this service on-premises avoids the legal issues associated with cloud-based commercial services, i.e., institutional and research data will be protected by IU.
  • It will complement the pending endpoint virtualization project by serving as a universal document store.

Project Team:

  • Rick Jackson
  • Brian Hughes
  • Adam Smith
  • Andy Hunsucker
  • Pat White
  • Robert De Roeck
  • Paul Brown
  • Susan Coleman-Morse
  • Chip Rondot
  • Edwin Ignatius
  • Mark Lynch

Governance Committee:

  • Larry Riss
  • Marc Wilson
  • Ulrik Knudsen
  • Cory Retherford
  • Richard LeBeau
  • Vicki Croddy
  • Nick Klusman
  • Brian McGough
  • Susan Coleman-Morse
  • Dennis Cromwell
  • Edwin Ignatius
  • Brian Hughes
  • Pat White

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