ARCHIVED: Completed project: Electronic Document Storage - SharePoint with KnowledgeLake

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Primary UITS contact: Pete Bucklin

Completed: December 17, 2012

Team lead: Pat White

Primary clients: UITS/OVPIT

Purpose: At Indiana University, the UITS Electronic Document Storage (EDS) service uses KnowledgeLake document imaging and capture technologies for Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management, helping staff achieve effectiveness and efficiency by electronically capturing paper documents, and transferring them to centralized electronic document libraries.

Outcome: The EDS team converted previously retained UITS paper documents to electronic format before the physical relocation into the CIB. Migrating a considerable quantity of existing paper documents required utilization of vended software that included automating batch and manual scanning in order to provide highly tuned, highly accurate storage and retrieval of data. In September 2011, the UITS storage sites contained over 20,000 documents, mostly from HR, FO, and Telecommunication Services.


  • A user interface integrating with web, Microsoft Office, and other applications
    • Application integration with common desktop productivity tools
      • Microsoft Office including Outlook
      • Standard web browsers
  • The ability to capture, image, store, preserve, and retrieve content for staff using most industry-standard scanning devices
    • Quickly and securely save documents from multiple sources
      • HTTPS
      • Desktop
      • Exchange
      • SharePoint
  • Document processing
    • Role-based administration
    • Automate folder creation and loading document libraries
  • The ability to scan documents in batches using commodity hardware
    • Use OCR technology to extract document metadata from scanned images
    • Use OCR technology when converting and importing documents to PDF and other formats
    • Use "key from image" technology to easily apply document metadata
  • Automated metadata tagging and document routing to appropriate document libraries, and review and revision by the relevant data stewards
  • Robust search capabilities
    • Perform exact relevance searches using a combination of index values with the following capabilities:
      • Search relevancy
      • Version management
      • Retention schedules
      • Legal holds
      • Audit reports
      • Develop pre-configured and saved searches automating efficient and effective document processing
  • Compatibility with UITS Enterprise Infrastructure architecture
    • Leverages the central storage capabilities of SharePoint

Milestones and status:

  • November 2010: RFP for KnowledgeLake products
  • December 2010: KnowledgeLake licenses purchased
  • January 2011: Installation and ECM discussions
  • February 2011: Phase I deployment begins, initial UITS site architecture
  • March-April 2011: Advanced SharePoint architecture
  • May 2011: UITS communications begins, UITS site architecture
  • June-July 2011: UITS site deployment continues
  • August 2011: Phase I ends - Over 10,000 documents scanned into UITS SharePoint storage
  • September 2011: Over 20,000 documents scanned into UITS SharePoint storage
  • October 2011: Project proposal to use EDS in Recreational Sports (BL) for departmental archives
  • October-December 2011: KnowledgeLake Systems and Licensing update (KL Imaging 4.2)
  • January 2012: EDS displayed at the CIB Technology Showcase

Project team:

  • Duane Schau, Director, Client Services
  • Mark Lynch, Manager, Support Systems and Licensing
  • Rick Jackson, Manager, Messaging Systems
  • Joe Butler, Manager, Management Information Systems
  • Mike Enyeart, Senior Technical Advisor
  • Tom Zeller, Senior Technical Advisor
  • Mark Niswander, Enterprise Operations Planner
  • Edwin Ignatius, Support Systems and Licensing
  • Brian Hughes, Lead Software Engineer
  • Pat White, Client Services (Storage Lead)
  • Paul Brown, UITS Knowledge Management
  • Jacob Farmer, Identity Management Systems
  • Momi Ford, Manager, Executive IT
  • Carl Rhine, Manager, HELPnet

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