ARCHIVED: Project: IUPUI campus rewire

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Primary UITS contact: Cheryl Kile

Last update: April 10, 2014

Description: The campus rewire project is part of the comprehensive Network Master Plan for IUPUI's communication infrastructure. The inside wire plant is predominately 20-year-old category 3 that is obsolete and fully deprecated. Category 3 wire can only support half duplex 10 Mbps data networking. At IUPUI, 58% of the 25,300 working outlets are 10 Mbps capable, 28% are 100 Mbps capable and 14% are 1 Gbps capable. This project aims to replace wiring of active jacks with new category 6E wire and terminate all outlets on patch panels, install 50 micron laser optimized fiber in the risers to support 10 Gbps, add card key access to wiring closets for security and audit purposes, and renovate old closets or add new closets to bring all closets up to IU standards.

Outcome: This upgrade is essential to support current and future networking needs for both voice and data connections. Installing current state-of-the-art copper wire and fiber-optic cable will remove the roadblock that many users are facing on outmoded jacks and wiring which currently limits the speed of their connections.

Milestones and status:

  • 2008-2010:
    • Rewired Ball Residence and Ball Annex
    • Rewired basement, first, and second floors R4
    • Rewired fourth floor UL
  • Spring 2011:
    • Rewired third and fourth floors R4; building complete
    • Rewired Daly Center
    • Rewiring Science (LD)
    • Rewiring Science, Engineering & Technology (SL)
    • Rewired Clinical fifth floor
    • Rewired Fessler Hall second floor (finishing two rooms by September)
    • Rewired Taylor Hall (UC) first, second, and third floors; unable to rewire basement until wiring closet upgraded
    • Rewired Riley Research first floor; unable to rewire rest of building until wiring closets upgraded
    • Technology (ET), University Library, Medical Research & Library (IB) in design
  • Summer/fall 2011:
    • Finished Science (LD)
    • Finished Science, Engineering & Technology (SL)
  • Spring 2012:
    • Finished Technology (ET)
    • In bid process for wiring: Medical Research & Library (IB) and University Library. For wiring closet upgrade: Dental School, Cavanaugh Hall, and University College basement
    • Buildings in design: Nursing, Van Nuys Medical Science, Coleman, Clinical, and Long
  • Summer 2013:
    • Finished University Library (UL)
    • Finished basement and third floor of Rotary Building (RR)
    • Finished first floor of Long Hall (LO)
    • Finished library side of Medical Research & Library (IB)
  • Summer 2014:
    • Finishing Taylor Hall (UC), Cavanaugh Hall (CA), and Coleman Hall (CF)
    • Going out to bid: Dental School (DS)

Project Team:

  • Troy Babcock
  • James Coles
  • Julia Conley
  • John Cox
  • Al Hodgen
  • Cheryl Kile


  • Dennis Cromwell
  • Mike Lucas
  • Kirt Guinn

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