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Primary UITS contact: Kirt Guinn

Last update: April 27, 2015

Description: The campus rewire project is one part of a comprehensive Network Master Plan for the Indiana University Bloomington communication infrastructure. The inside wire plant is predominately 20-year-old category 3 that is obsolete and fully deprecated. Category 3 wiring can only support half duplex 10 Mbps data networking. At IUB, approximately 72 percent of the 40,500 working outlets are 10 Mbps capable, 22 percent are 100 Mbps capable (category 5), and 6 percent are gigabit capable (category 5E and category 6). This project aims to replace all wiring of active jacks with new category 6E wire, and terminate all outlets on patch panels; install 50-micron laser-optimized fiber in the risers to support 10 Gbps; add card key access to wiring closets for security and audit purposes; and renovate old closets, or add new closets, to bring all closets up to IU standards.

Outcome: This upgrade is essential to support current and future networking needs for both voice and data connections. Installing current state-of-the-art copper wire and fiber-optic cable will remove the roadblock that many users are facing on outmoded jacks and wiring, which currently limits the speed of their connections.

Milestones and status:

  • 2010: Completed rewiring of Behavior Lab, Swain East, Myers Hall, and 513 North Park.
  • 2011: Completed rewiring of 309/311 N. Park, 521 N. Park, 515 N. Park, 505 N. Park, 501 N. Park, Smith Research Center, Optometry, Bryan Hall, Art Museum, Woodburn Hall, 801 N. Jordan, 1205 E. Atwater, 1211 E. Atwater, 1215 E. Atwater, 1217 E. Atwater, 1103 E. Atwater, 1105 E. Atwater, 1125 E. Atwater, 1127 E. Atwater, Glenn Black Lab, Mathers Museum, 506/508 N. Fess, 504 N. Fess, 510/512 N. Fess, Indiana Memorial Union meeting rooms, Rawles Hall, 801 E. 9th, 703 E. 7th, 705 E. 7th, 715 E. 7th, 825 E. 8th, 803 E. 8th, 809 E. 8th, and 410 N. Park.
  • 2012: Completed rewiring of Morrison Hall, Geology Survey, 419 N. Indiana, 422 N. Indiana, 111 N. Bryan, 112 N. Bryan, Harlos House, Fine Arts, Geological Sciences, Wells House, 618 E. 3rd, 624 E. 3rd, 630 E. 3rd, 815 E. 8th, 309 N. Woodlawn, 801 E. 7th, Chemistry, Law, Radio/TV, Wildermuth, 201 N. Indiana, 509 E. 3rd, 402 N. Park, Military Science, 1901 E. 10th, 807 E. 10th, Chilled Water Plant, 625 N. Jordan, 2222 E. 10th, and Tennis Pavilion.
  • 2013: Completed rewiring of SPEA, Social Research, McCalla School, International Center, 611 N. Woodlawn, University Press Warehouse, Underground Storage, 1704 N. Fee, Motor Pool, 1015 E. Atwater.

    Summer: Completed rewiring of Owen Hall, Lilly Library, Griggs, Barnes Lounge, Drieser, Ashton Office, Lindley Hall, Bryan Hall, International Center, Auxiliary Library, Admissions Building, Wilcox House, BL401G (611 N. Woodlawn), BL409R (901 E. 13th), BL456B (Continuing Studies), BL549G (Botany Field Greenhouse), Hilltop Garden, 1705 N. Fee, Outdoor Pool, BL652U (1015 E. Atwater), Wylie Hall, Health Center, Hillcrest Apartments, Music Practice, Environmental Health and Safety, Track and Field, Armstrong Press Box, Hays Track, BL014B (701 E. 8th), BL404C (Monroe Hall), BL404D (Morgan Hall), BL576 (Children's Center), BL413A (Graduate Printmaking), BL577 (ROTC Supply Center), BL561 (Golf Clubhouse), BL652M (American Historical Review), 052 Carmichael Center, and Speech and Hearing.

    Classrooms in Wendell W. Wright Education (doing the rest at a later date), Alumni Hall remodel, Wells Library ongoing, Optometry ongoing, Kelley School of Business ongoing

  • 2014: Completed rewiring of Mellencamp Pavilion, Jordan Hall, Edmondson, Cravens, Poplars, School of Public Health remodel, SRSC, Music Practice and Merrill Hall, Neal-Marshall, Theatre and Drama, Auditorium, BL413A (Grad Printmaking), BL576 (Children's Center), BL577 (ROTC Supply Center), BL404C (Monroe Hall), BL404D (Morgan Hall), BL405D (Geol. Material Test), BL009C (201 N. Indiana), 306 N. Union, and BL037B (712 E. 8th St.).
  • 2015: Working on Psychology, Assembly Hall partial remodel, Informatics West, Read Hall remodel, Kirkwood Hall remodel, Franklin Hall remodel, KSOB (Hodge Hall) remodel, Wells Library remodel.

Project team:

  • Jason Brahaum
  • Joe Parrott
  • Al Hodgen
  • Julia Conley
  • Kevin Waltz
  • Hubert Headdy


  • Dennis Cromwell
  • Kirt Guinn

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