ARCHIVED: How do I get an OTP (One Time Password) token?

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UITS has replaced One Time Password (OTP) with Duo for two-factor authentication.

You will need an ARCHIVED: OTP (One Time Password) token to access certain secure data at Indiana University. To get an OTP token, contact your departmental OTP coordinator; this is often your departmental fiscal officer. If you do not have a coordinator, you can contact your departmental IT Pro. If you aren't sure about either of these, contact your campus Support Center. You will need to provide the Support Center with your "chart/org" information; see the "Pay advice" section of How can IU employees view and modify personal information (such as contact or tax information, pay advice, and benefits)?

Your department may need to purchase an OTP token for you if no spares are available for immediate assignment; OTP Coordinators typically place orders for new tokens (see instructions below). Once the order is fiscally approved, orders are usually processed within a few business days.

OTP tokens are the property of the issuing department; thus, if you change departments, the token stays with the department you are leaving, and you obtain a new token in the new department.

Once you have obtained your OTP token, you will need to activate it; see ARCHIVED: At IU, how do I activate my OTP token?

For further assistance, contact your departmental IT Pro, OTP coordinator, or your campus Support Center.

For departmental OTP coordinators and fiscal officers

To place an order for OTP tokens using Kuali Enterprise Workflow:

  1. Log into OneStart. (You do not need to select the OTP Login checkbox.)
  2. Select the Services tab, and then click the Administrative Systems button on the left.
  3. In the expanded left menu, click Application Access.
  4. On the main page, click Step 3.
  5. Complete the form. You will need to provide an account number.

This form creates a Workflow eDoc, which will route for fiscal approval. Once the eDoc is approved, it will route to the Support Center Tier 2 for processing.

The cost to your department for each new token you order is $25.

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