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Effective July 1, 2011, the funding model for telecommunication services at Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI has changed from a model based on charges for individual services to one based on an unmetered bundle of basic services, with additional services available on an a la carte basis. Regional campuses are not affected by this change.

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IU is in the process of implementing its 10-Year Network Master Plan for the IUB and IUPUI campuses to ensure that our networks and building wiring are up to the growing demands required for research and education. The existing model of charging for a standard voice line and associated network services based on a phone number has become outdated, as the cost for network services far exceeds the cost for a standard telephone line. The Network Master Plan will enable IU to provide significantly improved network and telecommunications services more efficiently. For more, see ARCHIVED: About the Network Master Plan.

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Overview of services

Bundled services

As of July 1, 2011, most basic phone and network services are included in a basic bundle of services, which includes the unmetered use of:

  • Network connections
  • Voice and data services, including voice mail
    • Includes all costs to move from a legacy phone to UniCom, which integrates instant messaging, voice, video, and desktop sharing into one interface; for more, see UniCom (unified communications).
  • Basic equipment
    • Includes a headset, USB phone, or IP phone for use with UniCom (one piece of equipment per person)
  • Domestic long distance
  • BlackBerry enterprise service fees

For details about specific bundled services, see ARCHIVED: Feature packages available for IUB faculty and staff or ARCHIVED: Features available for IUPUI faculty and staff.

A la carte services

UITS offers additional services on an a la carte basis, including:

  • Installation of additional communication jacks or lines (one-time fee)
  • Advanced networking requirements
  • Specialized equipment
  • International long distance
  • Third-party services managed by UITS (e.g., pagers, off-campus lines)

For details about specific a la carte services, see ARCHIVED: Feature packages available for IUB faculty and staff or ARCHIVED: Features available for IUPUI faculty and staff.

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Billing and rates

Bundled services

The cost for the basic bundle of services is fixed based on the cost incurred by a unit in Fiscal Year 09-10, the last complete year of data available at the time of conversion. The amount will not change, regardless of increases or decreases in use. If you add phone lines or additional data connections in your unit, you will pay a one-time installation fee, but will not incur additional recurring charges.

Charged for the bundled services will be processed as follows:

  • General Fund accounts: If the expense for basic bundled services was charged to a General Fund account in FY 09-10, an amount equal to the amount of actual expense for the basic bundle in FY 09-10 was subtracted from that account's base budget in March 2011 by the Campus Budget Office. This batch base adjustment was processed by increasing Responsibility Center assessments to cover the Responsibility Center's costs of the basic service bundle.
  • Non-General Fund accounts: If the expense for basic bundled services was charged to a non-General Fund account (auxiliary, designated, plant, restricted, or agency) in FY 09-10, that account or subaccount will be charged in FY 11-12 an amount equal to the amount of actual expense for the basic bundle charged to that funding source in FY 09-10, charged monthly via an ID billing to object code 4021. Previously, services in the basic bundle were charged to object codes 4021, 4083, 4084, 4085, and 4086.
    • Inactive accounts: If a non-general fund account that had basic bundled services charged to it in FY 09-10 is no longer active, units can provide alternative accounts to bill.

  • Grant accounts: UITS will absorb the expense for the basic bundle of services that had been charged to a grant account in FY 09-10.

A la carte services

A la carte services will be billed monthly by UITS via an ID billing. Billing detail will be available in the online billing tool; see ARCHIVED: At IU, how can I view past Telecommunications or Intelligent Infrastructure statements online?

Rates for a la carte services for FY 11-12 are available at Rates and costs of services, and are not changing from FY 10-11.

Understanding the impact for your unit

To help fiscal officers determine how much of their FY 09-10 telecommunication budgets were for bundled services vs. a la carte services, an Excel file has been or will be sent to each Responsibility Center fiscal officer. The file shows bundled and a la carte charges for FY 09-10, by account and subaccount. The a la carte charges are those that will still be directly billed to you for services such as adding or relocating connections, advanced phone equipment, etc. The a la carte charges in FY 11-12 will vary from FY 09-10 charges based on usage; this information is provided for a point of reference.

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Long distance and authorization codes

Need for authorization codes

Faculty and staff still need to enter authorization codes to make long distance calls to ensure that long distance resources are used only for university business. Long distance authorization codes issued to individuals continue to have an account/subaccount number associated with them. International long distance will be charged to the account/subaccount number associated with the authorization code. There is no charge for domestic long distance.

Monitoring long distance usage

UITS will be responsible for monitoring domestic long distance and identifying call activity that might be indicative of fraud or misuse. In the case of questionable activity, UITS will work with the fiscal officer of that account to determine, based on a review of call detail, if the call activity is related to university business.

International long distance

Call detail for international long distance will be available as part of the monthly online bill, and fiscal officers are responsible for review of that call detail.

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Requesting service changes

To request service changes, telecommunications coordinators or fiscal officers should email Telephone Consulting.

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