Choose a secure PIN

When creating or changing a PIN (personal identification number), use the same care you would in choosing a password or passphrase. Some general guidelines are:

  • Do not use birthdates, anniversaries, or similar numbers as your PIN. An unauthorized user can often easily find this information via social networking sites or an internet search.
  • If the PIN allows alphabetic characters, use a mix of letters and numbers.
  • Do not use an actual word or name as your PIN; similarly, do not use a word misspelled with a number/letter substitution (such as capta1nk1rk or mr5p0ck).
  • Do not use the PIN that you use for your personal banking, or that is a password on another site.
  • Treat your PIN as you would any other password: use one that you can remember without writing down; do not share your PIN with anyone; and change it if you believe it may have been compromised.

WorkFlows uses a PIN that is:

  • Four to ten characters long
  • Made of numbers, letters, and/or punctuation marks
  • Not case sensitive

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