ARCHIVED: At IU, how do I activate my OTP token?

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UITS has replaced One Time Password (OTP) with Duo for two-factor authentication.

At Indiana University, to activate a new or unassigned OTP token:

  1. Go to the One.IU OTP Token page.
  2. Click OTP Token (or the OTP token image).
  3. Log in with your IU Network ID credentials.

    Note: If you're already logged into another service that uses IU's Central Authentication Service (CAS), you won't be prompted to log in. Skip to the next step.

  4. Under "OTP Token Serial Number", enter the entire serial number (including dashes) of your token.
  5. Press the button on your OTP token, and then, under "Password from OTP Token", enter the number that is displayed.
  6. Under "PIN", enter the four-character personal identification number (PIN) you want to use. Your PIN can be any combination of letters and numbers; for more on choosing a secure PIN, see Choose a secure PIN
  7. Under "Confirm PIN", re-enter your PIN.
  8. When you're finished, click Activate.

Note: If your OTP token was previously assigned to someone else, it must be unassigned before it will be available for you to use. Your department can request this via Kuali Enterprise Workflow or by contacting the Accounts Administration team.

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