ARCHIVED: How are security updates to third-party applications deployed through WSUS at IU?

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The default configuration for Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) distributes only updates for Microsoft software applications. However, Microsoft has made available the application programming interface (API) so that other applications can take advantage of the update infrastructure.

Indiana University's Information Security and Policy Offices (UISO and UIPO) purchased the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) in 2009, and in mid-2011 began using its ability to create updates in WSUS for third-party applications like Adobe Flash Player and Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE). CSI actually places the software update packages onto the WSUS server, which then distributes them.

Computers at IU can take advantage of these updates even if they don't have the CSI agent installed, because the update package is able to detect if a vulnerable version of the software is present that needs to be updated. To configure your computer to get these updates from IU, see About the IU Microsoft Update Service using WSUS

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