ARCHIVED: Completed project: Lecture Capture

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Primary UITS contact: Beverly Teach

Completed: July 11, 2013

Description: Lecture capture has been identified as a component of Empowering People Action Item 34 to provide a "data utility service for teaching and learning materials". After investigating and evaluating various solutions and products, Echo360 was chosen for deployment.

Outcome: The goal was to offer a solution that would capture audio and supplemental materials presented in a lecture-style classroom. Students will have the ability to review class sessions from personal computers and mobile devices at any time.

Milestones and status:

  • Summer 2010: Evaluation of Echo360 lecture capture solution begins. Capture appliances initially installed in five classrooms, with another added later.
  • January 2011: Echo360 installation upgraded to version 3.0
  • June 2011: Echo360 installation upgraded to version 4.0. Pilot expands with new SafeCapture HD appliances installed in an additional 13 rooms, bringing total number of installed capture appliances to 19.
  • January 2012: Echo360 lecture capture solution becomes a production-level service
  • July 2012: Upgraded software to version 5.1 and expanded server infrastructure
  • August 2012: Added additional capture appliances, bringing total to 25
  • December 2012: Licenses expire June 30, 2013. Reviewing several other current lecture capture systems to make an informed decision on available options
  • June 2013: Negotiated three-year agreement with Echo360 ending June 29, 2016. Includes unlimited venues for lecture capture with 50,000 unique users per year, and personal capture and publish for faculty.

Comment process: Contact Beverly Teach or James McGookey with comments.


  • Installation of hardware capture appliances allowing for the recording of all audio and graphics sources presented to students, providing a superior product for the viewers
  • Presentation of recordings (i.e., "Echoes") in a format suited to the viewing device, allowing students access from personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices
  • "EchoCenter Portal", providing a central portal for each class section, including the recordings from capture appliance-equipped classrooms as well as supplemental Echoes
  • Instructor flexibility for editing and publishing Echoes
  • Remotely managed and monitored system, allowing for real-time status updates

Related information: See ARCHIVED: Kaltura Pilot (also a component of EP Action Item 34).

Primary client: Students participating in courses with lectures

Client impact: Some students were already using another MP3 audio recording solution, but will need to access Echo360 recordings directly from the appropriate EchoCenter Portal.

Project team:

  • Beverly Teach (Project Leader)
  • James McGookey
  • Chris Golden
  • Randy Newbrough
  • Aileen Scales
  • Paul Sharpe
  • Mike Jelski

Governance: Associate Dean Anastasia S. Morrone, UITS Learning Technologies

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