ARCHIVED: How can I configure the results or output of my SAS session?

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In SAS 9.2, the default output location is the output window, or listing. In SAS 9.3, the default is an HTML version of the output in a "Results Viewer" window. In either version, you can configure how you want to see output through the Tools menu.

  1. From the SAS menu, select Tools > Options > Preferences.
  2. In the "Preferences" dialog box, select the Results tab and choose from the following options:
    • Create listing: This option sends the output to the output window (default in 9.2).
    • Create HTML: This option returns the output in HTML format (default in 9.3).
    • Use WORK folder: This option stores output as a temporary file that will be deleted when SAS is closed; uncheck this and select a folder using the Browse button to select a hard drive location to store your output.
    • Style: In this option, use the drop-down box to select one of the built-in HTML styles that SAS provides; each style provides different fonts, colors, and line types to display the output.
    • View results as they are generated: Keep this option checked to display each piece of output as it is generated by your SAS program.
    • View results using: This option selects a viewer for your output. Internal browser will open a "Results Viewer" window within SAS to view the output; if you select another browser (IE or Firefox), then SAS will open the output within the program selected.

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