Manually connect a Linux computer to the printers in the STCs and RTCs

Be sure your workstation's username is the same as your IU username. For example, if your IU username is dvader, to be able to send jobs to the print server, the username you use to log into your workstation must also be dvader.
  1. Open a browser and visit the CUPS administration URL: http://localhost:631/admin.
  2. Click Add Printer. Recent versions of CUPS will attempt to search for networked printers; wait until CUPS displays the next screen.
  3. Select LPD/LPR Host or Printer. Then, click Continue.
  4. In the "Connection:" box, enter one of the following and click Continue:
    IU Student BW //
    IU Student Color //
  5. In the "Name:" field, enter a descriptive name for the printer. Be sure Share This Printer is not checked.
  6. Pick a printer driver; you can select either Generic or HP. Then click Continue.
    • If you selected HP, you will be presented a list of HP printers. Select HP LaserJet p4514x, hpcups 3.11.1 (en).
    • If you selected Generic, select the appropriate generic PostScript driver for HP LaserJet printers
  7. Click Add Printer.
  8. Select your desired default printer settings and click Set Default Options.
  9. A summary screen will display; in the Maintenance drop-down menu, you can send a test print job to the queue.

You should now be able to send print jobs from your computer to the printers in the STCs and RTCs.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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