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Primary UITS contact: Bob Flynn

Last update: July 10, 2017

Description: is a cloud collaboration and storage service provider. Through Internet2 NET+ Services, IU has made Box available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Box at Indiana University is not appropriate for storing or sharing most types of institutional data classified as Critical. However, with certain additional security measures you may be able to use IU Box with some data that contain protected health information (PHI) regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). For more, see Types of data appropriate for IU Box accounts.

Box is available via web interface, desktop sync, and mobile devices.

Milestones and status:

  • September 2011: IU and eight other institutions begin an evaluation of
  • November 2011: becomes
  • December 2011: Formal pilot begins
  • March 2012: Box-Internet2 contract completed
  • April 2012: Rollout to IU community
  • August 2012: launched to enable authorization of Box as file storage for IUanyWare
  • September 2012: Campus marketing campaign kick-off
  • September 2012: Box at IU team available for demonstrations/presentations to groups or classes
  • October 2012: IU will enable the Box Terms of Service agreement. There will be a one-time requirement for all users, including existing account holders, to agree to the terms.
  • October 2012: Box at IU update stream added to website
  • December 2012: Third-party apps that integrate with Box enabled
  • February-March 2013: Repatriation of non-enterprise Box accounts associated with IU email addresses
  • June 2013: Rollout of organizational accounts in Box
  • August 2013: Request to Data Stewards to raise level of acceptable data for Box to "restricted", including FERPA data
  • December 2013: Rollout of group accounts in Box
  • December 2013: User interface and functionality improvements
  • December 2013: Desktop Sync 4.0 released
  • March 2014: Box maximum file size increased to 10 GB
  • Spring 2014: Begin deprovisioning accounts of former students, faculty, and staff
  • May 2014: Box Notes introduced. Begin retirement of Webdoc file type.
  • Summer 2014: Sync 4.0 update pushed out to IU users
  • August 2014: Manual deprovisioning of expired accounts and enabling of auto-deprovisioning
  • Fall 2014: Increase of default account storage amount to 100 GB
  • Fall 2014: Linking of Box account primary email and name fields to authoritative IU sources
  • November 24, 2014: Data Stewards raises level of acceptable data for Box to "Restricted"
  • Winter 2014: Launched new website with expanded documentation and training
  • Winter 2014: Box maximum file size increased to 15 GB
  • Spring 2015: Increased default account storage amount to "unlimited"
  • Summer 2015: Box Entrusted Data Accounts and Box Health Data Accounts now available for storing restricted data and PHI, respectively
  • Fall 2015: Box at IU now requires use of single sign-on credentials when available
  • Winter 2015: Box launched a new user interface
  • February 2016: Microsoft Office Online integration
  • March 2016: Box University launched, providing training resources for all Box users
  • April 2016: Watermarking added to Box
  • Summer 2016: Surpassed 100,000 active Box at IU users
  • Winter 2016-17: Testing new-look Box web interface
  • May 2017: Enterprise-wide move to new Box web experience
  • June 2017: Box Drive Beta available to all users
  • Fall 2017: Ability to invite groups

Comment process: Email Bob Flynn.

Benefits: Box provides a centrally supported document storage and collaboration environment with enterprise controls, including single sign-on. Once free, personal accounts are removed from the IU email domains, the classification of data allowed in Box will be raised, allowing greater assurance that sharing with IU colleagues will be within the secure enterprise.

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Project team:

  • Bob Flynn, Manager, Cloud Technology Support
  • David Bickel, Identity Management
  • James Brooks, UITS Support Center
  • Abe Dashiell, UITS Support Center
  • Jacob Farmer, Identity Management, Tech Lead
  • Joe Husk, Executive IT Support
  • Julie Thatcher, Knowledge Management, Documentation Lead

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