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Primary UITS contact: Paul Clegg

Last update: June 13, 2016

Description: The goal of the Campus Cellular Infrastructure project is to create a cellular signal distribution system that is open to all cellular systems.

The distributed antenna system, or DAS, will be built on the Bloomington campus, but the contract can be extended to other campuses with mutual consent. The system has the following components:

  • A data center, or node room, housing equipment from the cellular companies
  • A fiber network to distribute the cellular signal from the central node to antennae on rooftops or inside buildings
  • Interior distribution systems in a handful of buildings, linked via the same fiber network to the central node
  • Rooftop antennae on 18-22 buildings
  • A separate system to provide additional capacity to Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall. This system will have its own node room and local fiber network.

This system will be constructed at no expense to IU. A revenue stream from this project will be used to continue to build out the system over the project term, to enhance coverage areas, and to meet emerging needs (e.g., new LEED buildings).

The outdoor distributed antenna system, or oDAS, is the foundation of the proposed campus cellular system. It provides broad overall campus coverage. The interior component, or iDAS, is used to fill in the areas that are under-served by the oDAS and to address special needs, such as LEED buildings (which shield exterior RF signals). Actual iDAS deployment is subject to contract negotiations and campus priorities. All LEED buildings likely will need iDAS. Part of this project is working with the IU Architect's Office to include iDAS systems in new buildings where feasible.

Outcome: The design goal is to provide a quality cellular signal (-85dBm or better) in 95% of IUB buildings and open spaces. An RFP was issued January 3, 2011, and a contract has been signed with Crown Castle, Inc., a leading operator of cell towers. The contract term is 10 years, with three optional five-year renewals.

Milestones and status:

  • Installations:
    • Assembly Hall (iDAS) Completed - Live Verizon and AT&T signal
    • SRSC (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Willkie (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Teter (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Evermann (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Memorial Stadium (iDAS and oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon and AT&T signal
    • Briscoe (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Armstrong (oDAS) - light pole replaced Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Music Arts (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Geological Survey (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Read (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Chemistry (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Wells Library (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Owen (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Swain (oDAS) Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Tulip Tree macro Completed - Live Verizon signal
    • Wendell Wright (oDAS) Design stage; estimated completion fall 2016
    • Music East Studio Building (oDAS) Design stage; estimated completion fall 2016
    • Wright Quad (oDAS) Design stage; estimated completion fall 2016
    • Cedar Hall (oDAS) Design stage; estimated completion fall 2016
  • System operational 98% completed

Comment process: Email Paul Clegg.


  • World-class cellular infrastructure upgrade at no cost to IU
  • More resilient and redundant communication infrastructure
  • Improvement to business continuity infrastructure
  • Cellular carrier relationship outsourced to trusted third party
  • Real estate cash flow to RPS and Athletics

Related information: Crown Castle is a Fortune 1000 company with over ten years' experience in the DAS industry and is one of the largest owners and operators of DAS networks in the US. It has expertise in stadiums, colleges and universities, hospitals, theme parks, and hotels/resorts, including over 22,000 towers and rooftop deployments.

Project team:

  • Capital Projects & Facilities:
    • Paul Sullivan
  • Purchasing:
    • Michelle Dugger
    • Tim Rice
  • Residential Programs and Services:
    • Larry Isom
  • University Architect's Office:
    • Jeff Kaden
  • University Information Technology Services:
    • Paul Clegg
    • Kirt Guinn
    • JB Hall
    • Al Hodgen
    • Dave Jent
    • Becky Markland
    • Tom Wedemeyer


  • Dennis Cromwell, Associate Vice President, Client Services and Support

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