On IU List, how do I change how people may subscribe to my mailing list?

Only list owners can perform the actions described below.
  1. Log into the campus IU List website for your list:
    Campus IU List web interface
    IU Bloomington https://list.indiana.edu/
    IUPUI https://list.iupui.edu/
    IU East https://list.iue.edu/
    IU Kokomo https://list.iuk.edu/
    IU Northwest https://list.iun.edu/
    IUPUC https://list.iupuc.edu/
    IU South Bend https://list.iusb.edu/
    IU Southeast https://list.ius.edu/
    University-wide https://list.iu.edu/
  2. Find the correct list in the left-side panel, and click admin.
  3. Select the Edit List Config tab or link.
  4. Click Privileges.

    Under "Who can subscribe to the list", the following options will be available. By changing this option, it becomes effective immediately without any confirmation (that is, for this setting you do not need to click Submit). The options are as below, with the system code for the setting in parentheses:

    • Subscription is open but requires confirmation (auth): Anyone can subscribe, but must first reply to a confirmation message from IU List. This is standard anti-spam procedure for a list.
    • Subscription is open but requires confirmation, owner is notified (auth_notify): As above, but the owner is notified on every successful subscription. This setting is not recommended for large lists.
    • Requires confirmation, then owner approval of subscription (auth_owner): After the subscriber confirming as above, the owner must then approve each subscription.
    • Subscribing is not possible (closed): Subscribing is not possible. This setting must be changed before new subscribers can join.
    • Restricted to IU System users (intranet): Only users with IU system email addresses (including umail.iu.edu and imail.iu.edu) are allowed to join the list.
    • Subscription is completely open (open): Anyone can subscribe to the list without confirmation. This is not recommended, and in all likelihood spamming addresses will end up on your list with this configuration setting.
    • Owner must subscribe users (owner): Only the owner can add users, and confirmation is required from the owner.
    • Owner must subscribe users, no confirmation (owner_noconfirm): The owner can add users, but no confirmation is required. This is a weak security setting.

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