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Recipients of a message encrypted by the Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service (CSEES) receive an emailed "envelope", which permits them to register (if necessary) and access the secured message.

If a recipient attempts to forward or reply to a secured message from within the email client, the new recipient(s) will be unable to decrypt the secured envelope. The envelope (that is, the securedoc file attachment) is only encoded for the original recipient. To forward or reply to an encrypted message, you must do so while viewing the decrypted message within CSEES.

Reply to or forward a CSEES-encrypted message

To reply to the sender or to all recipients of a CSEES-encrypted message, or to forward a message:

  1. View the secured message in CSEES; see Read a CSEES-encrypted message.
    If the encrypted message has attachments that you want to forward, they will not be sent automatically. You must first save them to your computer, and then re-attach them later.
  2. Click Reply, ReplyAll , or Forward.
  3. If you are forwarding the message, type the email addresses of all recipients in the "To:" field.
    You cannot add additional recipients when replying to a message; to add recipients, you must forward the message.
  4. Type your reply in the "Message:" field; mark Automatically BCC me on this email. or Send me a read receipt when a recipient has opened this email., if desired.
  5. Click Attachments to view or add an attachment to the message. If you are forwarding attachments from the original encrypted message, re-attach them now.
  6. Click Send.

The reply will be re-encrypted for all the addresses in the "To:" field and sent.

Reading an encrypted reply or forwarded message is like reading any other encrypted message: Download and view the securedoc envelope and enter your CSEES password; see Read a CSEES-encrypted message.

Get help

If you have problems reading an encrypted reply or forwarded message, see If you can't read a CSEES-encrypted message. If you continue to have problems reading a CSEES-encrypted email message, contact your campus Support Center.

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