ARCHIVED: If you receive a "Read:" email message

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If you received an email message at your Indiana University account with a subject line that begins "Read:", followed by the subject line of an email message you sent, that is likely a read receipt for a message encrypted by the Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service (CSEES); see About Office Message Encryption (OME) The read receipt indicates that your recipient has decrypted and read the email message you sent.

If you did not send sensitive data in the message, and did not intend for it to be encrypted, examine your original subject line. If it contains the phrase [Secure Message] (case insensitive, with square brackets), CSEES will always encrypt it, regardless of content; see Ensure that mail sent from your Exchange account to an outside address is encrypted.

If you do not want to receive further read receipts of encrypted messages, you must change the CSEES settings for your account; see ARCHIVED: Change your CSEES password or preferences. On the "Edit Profile" page, under "Preferences", uncheck Request Read Receipt: Let me know when recipients open their messages.

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