About eduroam at Indiana University

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, worldwide wireless network access system developed for the international research and education community. IU students, faculty, and staff can connect to eduroam at member institutions using your full IU email address and passphrase.

  • Connect to eduroam: See Connect to eduroam. Supported campus domains are iu.edu, indiana.edu, iupui.edu, iue.edu, iufw.edu, iuk.edu, iun.edu, iupuc.edu, iusb.edu, and ius.edu.
  • Visitors to IU from other institutions: Connect to the eduroam wireless network at IU by using your home campus identity and password. Normally, your identity will be your campus email address, for example, username@illinois.edu.

eduroam is managed by the Global eduroam Governance Committee, which is made up of several regional administrative entities. IU is a member of eduroam-US. The Big Ten Academic Alliance, a consortium of higher education institutions that includes Big Ten universities and the University of Chicago, has recommended using eduroam as the official mechanism for cross-member wireless network access.

You can find lists of current eduroam service providers at the regional websites:

Authentication is accomplished using a federated RADIUS server infrastructure. When you enter your credentials at a remote institution, the authentication dialogue is encrypted between your laptop and IU's RADIUS servers. Additionally, the authentication method used by IU is a challenge-response mechanism, so your client never actually sends your password over the network.

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