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Box cloud storage will be retired at Indiana University in spring 2021. Migration of IU's Box data began in June 2020. For details about cloud storage options at IU, see Storage @ IU.

After your files are migrated from Box, the Box versions become read-only. Migrations will be finished by March 2021, and access to Box will be terminated in May 2021.

A few third-party applications that use Box do not allow the use of Single Sign-On (SSO). Creating an external password, different from your IU passphrase, will allow you to use these apps. Third-party applications using Box that do not have SSO capabilities are the only applications with which you will be able to use your external password. If you try to use your external password to log into a third-party app that can use SSO, you'll be redirected to IU Login.

Reset a forgotten external password or creating a new one

Though the form says it's specifically for forgotten passwords, it will also work if you don't already have an external password.
  1. Go to, and enter the email address used for your Box account.
  2. Box will send you an email message with a link to change the password. Click the link, and be sure to set a password that registers "Strong" on the strength bar.

Change an external password

  1. Log into your IU Box account from your laptop or desktop. At the upper right, click your name. From the drop-down menu, click Account Settings.
  2. Near the bottom, under "Create External Password", click Edit password. Be sure to set a password that registers "Strong" on the strength bar.
  3. Click Save.

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