ARCHIVED: Best practices for departmental installations of Adobe Creative Suite 6

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This document refers to Adobe Creative Suite software, available through IUware under IU's contract with Adobe. Adobe Creative Cloud software is distributed in a different manner. For details about Creative Cloud at IU, see Adobe Creative Cloud at IU.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) products now require registration with an Adobe ID during installation. To begin this process, departments should create an Adobe ID by following the instructions at Adobe's site, and creating an account, if necessary. You can then use this departmental Adobe ID to register IU enterprise-licensed versions of the CS6 products, deploying the proper enterprise license (Windows or Mac versions) downloaded from IUware.

Note: Individual user versions of the CS6 suite require registration by a person, not a department.

Be aware that each system on which CS6 is installed will ask for registration unless you take additional steps to pre-register your CS6 deployment with your departmental Adobe ID. To prevent users from encountering this registration requirement, pre-configure your deployment of the CS6 suite using the Adobe Application Manager, Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) 3.1.

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