Managing files and folders in Box

In Box, you organize files and folders in a way that's similar to doing so on your computer. For details about how to create, move, delete, and search for files and folders, see Box's Managing Files and Folders, in addition to the following:

Use these features to navigate through your Box account:

  • Folder tree: Clicking the arrow to the right of All Files in the upper left opens a clickable folder tree.
  • Search: Use the search bar at the top of your screen to search folder and file names, as well as the text of most common file types.
    • Filter: You can further refine your results by using the filtering options to the right. Choose the appropriate filters from the drop-down boxes.
    • Bookmark: To save a search, copy the web address of the search, and then navigate to the folder in Box where you would like to save the search. Once there, from the New drop-down list, select Bookmark. Paste the address in the "Address of page/content" field. Enter a name and description if you wish, and click Okay.
  • Recently updated: Click the world icon on the top toolbar for a list of recently updated files. To filter your display, select from the drop-down list next to "Updates Feed" in the upper left.

Accessing previous versions of a file

Often, several versions of collaborative files will be created; all are saved and accessible through Box's version control.

To view or recover a previous file version:

  • If viewing a list of files in a folder, click the V followed by a version number (e.g., V4) under the file name.
  • If previewing a file, click the version link on the right side of the preview.

The file's version history will display, and you can download previous versions or replace the current version with a previous one.

Recovering deleted files

When you delete a file in your Box account, you have 90 days to restore it from your Trash.

To restore a file, click your name in the upper right, and select Trash. Click --- to the right of the file you wish to restore, select Restore, and click Okay. This restores the file to its original location in your Box account.

In collaborative situations, a deleted file goes to both the Trash of the person who deleted it and the Trash of the owner of the folder. Either can recover it. To see files and folders you own that have been deleted, at the top of your Trash, select Items I Own.

If a file is no longer in your Trash, contact your campus Support Center to find out if it can be recovered. For more about Trash, see Box's Using the Trash to Restore Files and Folders.


See the following videos from Box:

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