Subscription options available on IU List

If you subscribe to IU List mailing lists, you can change your subscription settings through the IU List website or email commands; see About IU List or Submit IU List commands via email.

To set options through the web interface, log into the campus IU List website for your list, click the name of the list on the left, and then click Subscriber Options. Select your settings from the "Receiving mode:" and "Visibility:" drop-down menus.

To set options via email, send a message to with a blank subject line and the following in the body of the message:

SET listname-l option

To set the same option on all of your subscribed lists, send the command:

SET * option
List owners can disable some of the following subscription settings, so they might not be available for every list.

Available options are:

Email command Drop-down selection Description
Reception options
MAIL standard (direct reception)
You will receive each message to the list individually. This is the standard reception setting for a list, and setting this option removes any special subscription setting for the list.
NOMAIL no mail (useful for vacations)
You will no longer receive mail from the list, but will retain the ability to post to the list. This is typically used if you are going to be away from the list for an extended period.
NOT_ME not receiving your own posts
You will not receive your own messages to the list.
DIGEST digest MIME format
Instead of receiving each message singly, you will periodically receive batched messages in a digest. List owners specify the times that these digests are sent or the size of the batches, and can disable this subscription format completely. Replies to digest messages go to the list owner, not the list.

In plain text, mailings are appended to each other in the digest, and attachments are discarded. In MIME, each message in the digest is a separate attachment.

DIGESTPLAIN digest plain text format
HTML html-only mode
When messages are sent to the list in a multipart format including both HTML and plain text, you will receive only one or the other format. Note that these settings have no effect on non-multipart messages, and do not prevent you from receiving these messages in your non-preferred format.
TEXT text-only mode
NOTICE notice mode
You will receive only the subject line of each message, and not its contents.
SUMMARY summary mode
You will receive a periodic digest of subject lines of messages sent to the list, and not their contents. This option is only available if digests are enabled for the list.
URLIZE urlize mode
You will receive all messages sent to the list, but no attached files. Instead, attachments are kept on a server and you will receive a link pointing to their locations.
Visibility options
NOCONCEAL listed in the list review page
These settings determine your visibility in the roster of list members, either at the IU List site or in the results of a REVIEW command. List owners or administrators can still see concealed users.
CONCEAL concealed

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