How to make off-campus remote desktop connections at IU

To protect the Indiana University network from a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) announced March 13, 2012, UITS blocks incoming remote desktop connections from computers on non-IU networks. (The block went into effect June 21, 2012.) UITS does not block RDP for those on campus; making a remote desktop connection from one campus system to another is still possible as long as both systems are on the IU network.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is blocked in campus housing.

To make remote desktop connections, you can either establish a virtual private network (VPN) connection or use the Remote Desktop application in IUanyWare:

  • Connect to VPN:

    Establish a VPN connection if you are off campus, connecting to a computer on campus. Use the recommended SSL VPN, if your campus supports it.

  • Use IUanyWare:

    Log into IUanyWare.

    Select the APPS tab, and then, in the Search field, type remote desktop connection, and select the Remote Desktop Connection icon. For more, see Set up and use IUanyWare.

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