Create a bootable flash drive for installing Windows

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Before you begin

To install Windows 11 or Windows 10 Education Edition from IUware, you can create a bootable flash drive for the installation.

What you'll need

To complete the process, you'll need:

  • A Windows or macOS computer connected to the internet.
    On a Windows computer, you must have administrator privileges.
  • A flash drive with at least 8 GB of space
    The process described below will delete any data currently on your flash drive. Make sure to back up your flash drive's data to another storage location before proceeding.
  • A valid product key that came with your Windows software. For Windows 11 or Windows 10, this will be available on IUware.

Insert your flash drive before beginning.

Create a bootable installation flash drive for Windows 11 or Windows 10 Education Edition

Microsoft provides a tool that will download Windows and create a USB installation drive for you. To use it:

  1. Navigate to and click the version of Windows you wish to install.
  2. Under "Create Windows version installation media", click to download the tool, and then run the tool.
  3. The tool will create a USB drive with the operating system you selected.
This process will delete anything saved on your flash drive. Save anything you want to keep before following these steps.

Create a bootable installation flash drive on a macOS computer

In macOS, the option to create a Windows flash drive appears only when the computer does not have an optical drive. If your Mac has an optical drive, the option will be either missing or grayed out.
  1. From the Finder, open the Applications folder, and then Utilities.
  2. Open the Boot Camp Assistant, and then click Continue. The next screen should give you a list of options.
  3. UITS recommends making the USB drive installer first. You don't need to install Windows or download the support software at this time, as it will be easier to do both later. To proceed:
    1. Verify that the USB drive you will be writing to is plugged in.
    2. Uncheck the Install Windows 7 or later version and Download the latest Windows support software from Apple options.
    3. Check Create a Windows 7 or later install disk and click Continue.
  4. Your USB drive should be listed in the "Destination disk" area. Use choose to browse to your .iso file; after selecting it, click Continue.
  5. If prompted, confirm your action and/or provide an administrator password. The process of writing the .iso file to the USB drive can take 20 minutes or longer.

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