About Google Custom Search

At IU, you can use Google Custom Search on your website free of charge as part of the Google at IU service.

Google Custom Search (GCS) lets you add a custom search box to your web pages to help people find what they need on your website(s). You configure your Custom Search Engine (CSE) to search whatever site(s) you want; as a result, people using the search box on your site will see search results from only the site(s) you choose. You can add any site to your CSE, even sites you don't own. Searches managed by IU are free of advertisements.

Adding a GCS box to your web pages is done simply by copying and pasting a few lines of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Google's core search technology handles the rest. For examples of how to implement GCS on your website, see Set up a Google Custom Search Engine for your IU website.

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