Accounts you need to use Google Custom Search at IU

At IU, you can use Google Custom Search on your website free of charge as part of the Google at IU service.

Each Indiana University department that wants to use Google Custom Search (GCS) should create a shared Google account to create, own, and manage its custom search engines. Having a single, shared account in control of your department's search engines will make it easier for you to administer them and to give access to other accounts. The shared Google account can then be passed on to the next person responsible for maintaining your search engines.

A search engine owner is the user who initially created the custom search engine. The owner can authorize other Google accounts to be administrators for a search engine. If necessary, you can transfer ownership to another Google account.

A search engine administrator is a user who can view and edit a search engine's settings; administrators are invited and added by the owner.

UITS recommends that you avoid creating additional personal Google accounts to manage university-affiliated search engines.

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