Use a cable longer than 15 feet in campus housing requiring the IU-specific Ethernet cable

If you wish to use a cable longer than 15 feet in campus housing with proprietary Ethernet cables, you have two options:

  • Purchase a straight-through cable and an RJ45 coupler from a computer or electronics store. Attach one side of the coupler to the end of the pre-installed IU cable, and plug the straight-through cable into the other side of the coupler and into your computer.
  • If your IU cable can be removed from the wall (not all can), you can purchase an IU proprietary network cable of the desired length from a local computer or electronics store. Ask specifically for an IU wall cable; if you are not specific, you may receive a straight-through cable, which will not work. Once you have your longer cable, unplug the provided IU cable from the jack and plug in your new cable. Leave the pre-installed cable attached to the wall.
UITS calculates its networking needs based on industry-standard specifications, and so will support cables of only 15 feet or less connected to a university data jack. Installing a longer cable on a data jack may exceed the specifications and cause data transfer problems if the total length of the cable from your computer to the switch port exceeds the capability of the electrical signal. (In some areas, you may experience no problems with a longer cable if the distance to the switch port does not yet violate the standard.)

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