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Looking through our halls, it's clear to see that "lived-in" look at the ICTC. After ten years here, it's only natural to accumulate documents, reading material, electronics, equipment, boxes, etc. To help clean things up, the ICTC Green Team is facilitating a Clear the Clutter drive at the ICTC beginning Monday, October 20 through Friday, October 31.

This campaign is targeting all forms of clutter, including:

  • Computer systems and accessories, handheld devices
  • Office equipment
  • Sensitive documents
  • Papers, books, magazines
  • Other items that have no further use (e.g., giveaways, lanyards)

Collection sites for sensitive documents and electronics are set up around the building:

  • Ground floor: Mail room
  • Second, third, and fourth floors: By the elevators

Paper cleanup

  • Use standard recycling bins to dispose of books, magazines, and non-sensitive paper. If you need additional recycling bins, please contact the Clear the Clutter team.
  • For sensitive documents, secure document drop boxes are located on each floor by the elevators. All you need to do is drop your documents in the bin; our shredding vendor will ensure the documents are properly destroyed. Not sure if it's sensitive or not? Err on the side of caution and use the secure bin.
  • Save documents with archival value, that is, those containing information about mission and strategic directions; decisions and decision-making processes; activities and events; deliverables, products, and the process of creating them; records unique to your unit; and others. For a list of these, see University Retention and Disposition Schedules.
  • Not sure what to keep? It's probably better to save items for now, then determine what you need later instead of disposing of something now and regretting it later. There will be future opportunities for additional cleanup.

Non-hard drive storage and media

CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, and audio cassettes may be disposed of in the secure bins. For internal and external hard drives, contact EITS directly (see below).

Electronics and office equipment

For IT Electronics and peripheral equipment (workstations, laptops, printers, monitors, etc.) follow the instructions listed below for secure disposal through EITS.

  • Check the item for a yellow IU asset tag (usually for items over $5,000). If it has a tag, email, and take it to ICTC Central Receiving, IT 063. Every item which has a yellow IU asset tag must be identified and inventoried before going to Surplus.

    It is not necessary to include the original value of any items.

  • All hard drives must be wiped of all data prior to sending them to Surplus to ensure data security. The EITS team will wipe, and in some cases, destroy them for you. Just fill out the surplus form and attach it to the device. You do not have to fill in the pickup information. Drop off any IT device or hard drive at ICTC EITS (Cube 216C) on the second floor. EITS will also pick up your device or hard drive. For pickup, email
Want your group to be reimbursed? If an individual device sells through Surplus for over $300, you will get a percentage back from the sale. Be sure put your account number on the surplus form and attach it to the device.

If you have too much to fit in the collection area, contact the team, and we will make other arrangements.

For non-IT related equipment (clocks, calculators, lamps, coffee machines, etc.), drop those items off in the non-secure bins located on each floor in the elevator area.

On the road to a clutter-free ICTC

During the drive, you may see an increase in clutter at the collection sites and in cubicles and offices used for temporary storage and processing. Depending on the volume, it may take some time to process, shred, wipe, and transport the items we collect. Please bear with us during the clean-up.

Clear the Clutter team members (below) are here to help. We can find carts, haul equipment, wipe hard drives, shred documents, and answer your questions. Please contact us at or find us roaming the halls.

Clear the Clutter team members:

  • Hafid Adnane
  • Chauncey Frend
  • Al Hodgen
  • Michael Jasiak
  • Becky Markland
  • Kimmaree Murday
  • Roger Pingleton
  • Manjit Trehan
  • Nick Von Ogden
  • Peter Oleshchuk

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