If you receive email from the IU Mail Delivery System stating that a virus-infected attachment was disinfected

To protect computers and data on the Indiana University network, UITS scans all outbound messages for viruses and other malware. If you send a message containing a virus from your Indiana University email address, you'll receive a message from the IU Mail Delivery System ( MAILER-DAEMON@indiana.edu) similar to the following:

Subject: [IU Mail Delivery System notification] Message with virus infected attachment was disinfected and delivered


Your message sent <To: John Sample <sample@domain.com>; with Subject: Your message subject> was found to contain a known virus. The message was disinfected and delivered.

It is possible that your computer is infected with the "Virus name" virus, and you will need to take steps to clean this virus from your computer. Contact your technical support provider; if you are affiliated with Indiana University, please see "How do I contact my campus Support Center, and what are the hours and options for help?" (https://kb.iu.edu/d/abxl) For more information, please see "What should I do if I receive a computer virus alert message via email?" (https://kb.iu.edu/d/adbm)

Note that viruses can randomly generate the "From:" field using addresses selected from an infected computer's address book and other files. Therefore, it is possible that the infected message did not actually come from your computer. However, in order to rule out infection, you should scan your computer with anti-virus software, or contact your support provider.

The recipient will receive the text of your message, but will not receive the infected attachment.

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