ARCHIVED: Completed project: Client Virtualization Phase I

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Primary UITS contact: Pete Bucklin

Committee chairs: Pete Bucklin, Todd Herring, Charlie McClary, Marc Wilson

Completed: December 17, 2012

Primary clients: IT Professional community

Purpose: Evaluate a virtual application and/or desktop environment at IU, investigating the full spectrum of virtual desktop and virtual application solutions. A number of use cases will be evaluated, using the solutions offered by Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware. Viable candidates will demonstrate their solutions for delivering the operating system and applications to a variety of end point devices, including thin clients, laptops, desktops, smart phones, and others. The committee will finalize its recommendation establishing that virtualization for delivering the desktop OS and applications as a service is achievable and desirable as an enterprise service.


  • Increased security, since there are fewer instances of the OS to patch and maintain
  • A more sustainable model of computing, since thin client computers last six years or more
  • Departmental cost savings, since the life of existing desktop and laptop computers can be extended
  • Thin client computers cost significantly less than a traditional desktop computer.
  • Ready access to applications with no service and support overhead of local application installations
  • Unified, centralized license model for applications delivered virtually

The executive leadership of the CV Committee requested that the proof of concept be extended as a university-funded phased implementation for a selected set of use case scenarios. Citrix was selected as Indiana University's preferred partner to deliver the virtual technologies at the enterprise, emphasizing role-based application delivery. Funding includes resourcing data center hardware, personnel, and application licenses for enterprise deployment. The phased implementation is designed to implement and deliver a production enterprise service for virtualization, deploying and measuring success for student, faculty, and staff use cases for two regional campuses and selected early adopters. Duane Schau, Director of Client Services, oversees the enterprise rollout for virtual desktop and application delivery technologies aligned with action item 22b.

Milestones and status:

  • April 2010: RFP completed and sent to vendors
  • April 2010: Steering committee meets, helps set scope and expectation of Phase I
  • May 2010: First vendor sets up its proof of concept
  • June 2010: Second vendor sets up its proof of concept
  • July 2010: Third vendor sets up its proof of concept
  • July 2010: Engineering testing with all vendors
  • August 2010: Testing of all required components
  • September 2010: Public demonstration of POC at Statewide IT
  • September 2010: Steering committee meets, evaluation begins
  • October 2010: Engineering performance testing
  • November 2010: Vendor negotiations begin
  • February 2011: Vendor is selected

Outcome: The phase I goal was achieved; it was to find the best solution for virtualizing operating systems and applications at IU, affording considerable cost savings to schools and departments that may extend the life of older hardware and begin investing in longer-lived thin client computers.

CV Committee members:

  • Emily K. Adams, UITS STC
  • Rajendra Adhikari, IUB
  • Alaric Aloor, ADFI Tech
  • Chad Beckner, Dentistry, IUPUI
  • James P. Boykins, ADFI Tech
  • Gregory W. Brenner, UITS HelpNet
  • Chris Brown, Pediatrics, IUPUI
  • Pete Bucklin, IU School of Informatics & Computing
  • George Burkhart, IU Foundation
  • Daniel Jay Bruhn, IUB Libraries
  • Chris Calabrese, UITS Leveraged Services
  • Christopher Carter, IUE Information Tech
  • Shane Michael Chapman, UITS Storage and Virtualization
  • Troy Chastain, IUB Athletics
  • Kenneth Childers, UITS IUware
  • Steven C. Clark, IUS Computer Services
  • Dave Cooley, IUB Informatics
  • Lynne Crohn, IUB Computer Science
  • Dennis Cromwell, UITS
  • Terri Cuellar, IUPUI
  • Matt Davey, Networking
  • Matt Decker, UITS STC
  • Bernadette De Leon, IUB HPER
  • Harry Jacob De Poy, IUSB Information Technology
  • James Dowling, IUPUI Polis Center
  • Jerry Downs, IU Foundation
  • M. Todd Duke, IUE Information Technology
  • Jon Dunn, IUB Libraries
  • Chip Dye, IUPUI Library System
  • Chris England, IT Manager, SPEA Bloomington
  • James English, UITS SC
  • Kate English, UITS Leveraged Services
  • Michael J. Enyeart, UITS Applied Technology Lab
  • Bill Fields, IUPUC
  • Regan Fields, Project Manager, Phase I
  • Daniel C. Finch, IUSB, Information Technology
  • Michael F. Fletcher, IUSB Information Technology
  • Mike Floyd, UITS Storage and Virtualization
  • Bob Flynn, UITS IT Community Partnerships
  • Momi Ford, UITS SC
  • Robert Freeman-Day, UITS Research Technologies
  • Ed Furia, Networking
  • Justin Glass, UITS Leveraged Services
  • James Gronquist, IUB
  • Douglas A. Grover, UITS STC
  • Cindy Grubb, IUB Athletics
  • Matt Gunkel, IUB
  • Joseph Haase, IUS
  • Scott A. Hemmerlein, IU School of Medicine ISTM
  • Todd Herring, Manager, UITS IT Community Partnerships
  • Bryce Himebaugh, IUB
  • Dave Hlatko, UITS Leveraged Services
  • David Hoffman, IUPUI
  • Wayne R. Huck, IUB Registrar
  • Alan Hung, UITS Leveraged Services
  • David B. Hunter, UITS/Network Distribution
  • Andy Hunsucker, UITS
  • Renee Jackson, IUPUI
  • Rick Jackson, UITS Messaging
  • Chad Richard Jaeckel, IUB Health Center
  • Stephen Jeffers, Systems Engineer
  • Alejandro T. Joco, UITS SC
  • Nathaniel W. Johnson, UITS UISO
  • Jansen Jones, Auxiliary Services, IUB
  • Mike Jones, IUB Arts and Sciences
  • Jason Kaetzel, UITS Leveraged Services
  • Jim Kippenbrock, CNC Manager, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
  • Matthew Kirchhoff, Pediatrics, IUPUI
  • Kirk Klaphaak, IUS
  • Ulrik Knudsen, College of Arts and Sciences, IUB
  • Mark Everett Lynch, UITS IUware
  • Terry Lynn, UITS Executive IT Support
  • Robert MacDonald, IUB Library Systems
  • Carl Madzelan, IUPUI
  • Matt Martin, UITS STC
  • Charles McClary, Recreational Sports, IUB
  • Tiffany McCormick, UITS Leveraged Services
  • Jon McMahel, IUPUI School of Education
  • Robert Meagher, IUPUI
  • Kim Melluck, School of Informatics, IUPUI
  • Scott Metzel, UITS Executive IT Support
  • Phil Mikulak, IU South Bend
  • Kevin Moore, Systems Engineer
  • Charles Ray Morrow, IUB Libraries
  • Mark Niswander, Enterprise Operations Planner
  • Uriah Patton, IUPUI
  • Chris Payne, UITS
  • Jacob Pitcher, IPFW
  • Andrew Poland, IUPUI
  • Tim Porter, UITS STC
  • Joe Potchanant, UITS IT Community Partnerships
  • Andrew Pusz, IUN Technology Support
  • Nick Ray, IU Southeast
  • Thomas J. Reynolds, UITS SC
  • Ryan Roland, UITS Storage and Virtualization
  • Mark Ross, Kelley School of Business, IUB
  • James Russell, IUB Political Science
  • Mark A. Russell, UITS STC
  • John V. Samuel, UITS Stat/Math
  • Duane Schau, Director Client Services
  • Michael Schultheiss, UITS Leveraged Services
  • Steven D. Schunk, Education, IUB
  • Bret Seufert, IUPUI
  • Daniel Lee Shane, IUS Computer Services
  • Anna Shiver, IUPUI Engineering & Technology
  • Jay Sissom, IU Foundation
  • Tim Spears, UITS STC
  • Jeff Stahl, IU South Bend
  • Kurt Stailey, IUB Computer Science
  • Lee Stanton, IUS
  • Craig Swoverland, IU Kokomo
  • Tally Thrasher, IUPUI
  • Mark Uncapher, IU Northwest
  • Marc Wagner, UITS Leveraged Services
  • Paul Reid Watkins, IUK Computer Services
  • Rick Watson, IUB Sociology
  • Marc Wilson, School of Medicine, IUPUI
  • Vern W. Wilkins, IUB Libraries
  • Carol Wood, IU Northwest
  • Sue Workman, OVPIT
  • Tom S. Zeller, UITS Applied Tech Lab

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