ARCHIVED: In Oncourse Presentations, how do I copy all or part of a presentation?

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Copying an entire presentation

To create a copy of one of your existing presentation portfolios:

  1. From the menubar of the relevant site or of My Workspace, choose Presentations.
  2. If the Presentations home page is not displayed, click the reset icon ( Reset icon ).
  3. Next to the presentation you would like to copy, from the Actions menu, select Duplicate.

Copying existing pages from a presentation

When adding content to a presentation portfolio, you can use the data in a saved page (or group of pages) as a starting point without changing the original. To copy an existing page (or group of pages):

  1. From the menubar of any course, portfolio, or project site that has the Presentations tool, choose Presentations.
  2. At the top of the Presentations home page, click Create New Presentation.
  3. Under "Enter a Name for Your Presentation", type a descriptive name for your presentation. (This is the name that will display on the home page of the Presentations tool; it will not appear within the presentation itself.)
  4. Under "What type of presentation would you like to create?", select the template on which the presentation will be based.

    Note: You must choose the same type of presentation as the one you wish to copy from.

  5. Click Create. You'll return to the Summary tab for the presentation.
  6. Under "Quick Start Links", click Required Settings.
  7. Complete the fields indicated and choose a theme. Click Save Changes. You'll return to the Summary tab for the presentation.
  8. Click either the Add/Edit Content tab or the Add/Edit Content link under "Quick Start Links".
  9. In the section that contains the page(s) you want to copy, use the drop-down menu to select the page (or group of pages).
  10. Choose Copy Selected. A copy of the page(s) will open in edit mode. The initial display name of the form is the same as the original with a trailing number in parentheses, e.g., "Name of Page (1)". You may change this name if desired.
  11. Update the content in the page(s).
  12. Click Save Changes. You'll return to the Add/Edit Content tab, and the copied form will be selected for use in the current presentation.

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