In CN Post, how do I create a poll?

In CN Post, sometimes referred to as CourseNetworking, any member can create polls to share with others in. To do so:

  1. Go to the location from which you wish to post your poll (i.e., your Homepage or a course).
  2. Near the top of the page, click the Create a Poll icon.
  3. Enter a title, if desired, and the text of the question. You can use hashtags to label question topics.
  4. Choose from among the following question types:
    • Multiple Choice: Enter each choice in the text box and click + or X to add or remove an option. Check Allow multiple selections if desired.
    • Matrix
    • Short Answer
    • True-False: If desired, edit the responses in the text boxes that appear.
    • Yes - No
    • Agree - Disagree
    • Agree - No Opinion - Disagree
    • Strongly Agree - Agree - No Opinion - Disagree - Strongly Disagree
    • Scale of 1 to 5
    • Scale of 1 to 10
  5. If desired, enter a correct response, which will automatically show when respondents submit their answers.
  6. Add more questions if you would like.
  7. Edit the poll settings:
    • Create poll on: You can choose to make the poll available immediately or after a defined date.
    • Close poll on: You can decide to close the poll on a defined date or leave it open.
    • Results Display: You can decide to show poll results to respondents right after they answer, after a defined date, or never.
  8. If desired, you can attach one or more files or images (up to 200 MB), include a link, or embed a YouTube video.
  9. Next to "Visible to", choose the visibility setting for the poll. For details about the options, see In CN Post, how can I control what others see?
  10. Click SUBMIT.

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