At IU, if I change departments, can I keep my office phone number?

At Indiana University, office telephone numbers are owned by departments rather than by individual faculty or staff members. Typically, if someone moves to a position in a different department, the phone number remains with the department and a new number is requested by the new department if needed. The department that the employee is leaving will usually reuse the number for another purpose.

If you are moving to a position in a different department and wish to keep your current number, you must have approval from the telecommunications coordinator or fiscal officer of the department you are leaving.

If you do not know who your telecommunications coordinator is, at IU Bloomington, call 812-856-2287; at IUPUI, call 317-274-3004. You can also email Communications Planning and Implementation.

If you receive approval, fill out the Telecommunications Request Form. Select the option for 911 updates, and provide the following information:

  • The account number for your phone line in your new department (no charge will be assessed)
  • Your phone number
  • The building and jack ID of your new location
  • The name of the person who granted the approval (in the "Notes:" field)

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