Connect to IU Shibboleth

Before you set up your service to use IU's Shibboleth authentication, you should familiarize yourself with it; see What's Shibboleth? and Understanding Shibboleth.

You should also understand your role as a Service Owner and the role of the Service Provider you will be sponsoring:

  • Service Owner: The department and individuals within Indiana University that are sponsoring the Shibboleth service account being requested. Service Owners are responsible for facilitating all communications and updates from the Service Provider to the Identity Management Systems (IMS) team. Every Service Provider must have a sponsoring department and contacts.
  • Service Provider: The organization that is providing a service to users that have identities established at IU. This organization can be inside or outside IU, but it must have an IU sponsor.

After familiarizing yourself with Shibboleth and the roles, follow the steps below to connect your service:

  1. Have the Service Provider complete the Service Provider form and give you the survey ID code supplied upon submission. The form provides the values to use with Shibboleth at IU, but you may give the Service Provider this link as an additional reference.

    If the Service Provider is unwilling to provide support, the Service Owner can contact the campus Support Center for assistance.

  2. When you have the survey ID code, complete the Service Owner form.
  3. Agree to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of a Service Owner for the referenced Service Provider by submitting the Service Owner form.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

IMS can only update the Shibboleth settings on Thursday at 5am, during the standard maintenance window.

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