IU's policy on mobile device security

At Indiana University, any faculty or staff member, affiliate, or student-employee who uses a mobile device to access, store, or manipulate institutional data must:

  • Apply appropriate safeguards to the device to mitigate the risk of information exposure due to loss or theft.
  • Report any device that is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised to it-incident@iu.edu.
  • Wipe (erase) all data stored on any device before transferring ownership (for example, by sale or trade-in).

For details, including specific safeguards required for mobile devices, see Mobile Device Security Standard (IT-12.1).

Mobile Device Security Standard (IT-12.1) requires the use of data encryption on handheld devices used to access, store, or manipulate critical information at IU. Such use also requires "written approval from the senior executive of the unit involved or the Institutional Review Board confirming a critical business need".

For information on applying appropriate safeguards, see Protect data on your mobile device or contact your campus Support Center.

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