Request a new Tableau project or subproject

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Request a Tableau project

If your group is ready to use Tableau, fill out the EDSD Support Form .

  • Tableau is used for university business purposes and not for student academics.
  • If you already have a project and need to add more publishers or find what the publishing group is, look for the group name in the Tableau project description.
  • If you plan to move reports or workbooks from one project to another, republish in the new project instead of using the "Move" functionality in order to avoid issues.

On the form, the project name should be in a format such as "CMP-DEPT", where CMP is the campus and DEPT is the department for the project. If other Tableau projects for that department exist, it is fine to add more to the name (for example, "CMP-DEPT-UNIT"). If the submitter of the form feels strongly about a longer name for DEPT, EDSD can work with that as well.

Also, the publisher group on the form will be a security group from Access Control Management (ACM). The submitter will need to either find an appropriate security group in ACM for publishers for the new project or create a new group that contains the appropriate publishers.

Once the Enterprise Data and Service Delivery (EDSD) team has received your request, allow 24 hours for processing. You will receive a notification when your new Tableau project has been created.

After your project has been created, you'll be able to access the various Tableau environments using these URLs:

If you have questions about a recently created project or need assistance, fill out the EDSD Support Form .

Request a Tableau subproject

Tableau subprojects, introduced in Tableau Server 10.5, can be used to organize related groups of workbooks and dashboards within a parent project.

Subprojects inherit permissions from the parent project, so they are not useful for segregating developer access by an area of responsibility; if that is your goal, you'll need to create a new project.

To request a new Tableau subproject, fill out the EDSD Support Form . This form is designed for one project or one subproject. However, if you have a large number of subprojects that report to the same parent project, and it would be burdensome to request them one at a time, you can list multiple subprojects in the "Tableau Project Name" field, separated by commas.

Sub-project names should always begin with the name of the base project, followed by "-SUB-", followed by an additional identifier. For example, the project "BL-EDSS" would have a subproject with a name like "BL-EDSS-SUB-Subproject-name".

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