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Request a Tableau project

If your group is ready to use Tableau, fill out a Tableau Project Request.

Once the Application Security and Quality Assurance (ASQA) team has received your request, allow 24 hours for processing. You will receive a notification when your new Tableau project has been created.

After your project has been created, you'll be able to access the various Tableau environments using these URLs:

If you have questions about a recently created project or need assistance, contact EDSS.

Request a Tableau subproject

Tableau subprojects, introduced in Tableau Server 10.5, can be used to organize related groups of workbooks and dashboards within a parent project.

Subprojects inherit permissions from the parent project, so they are not useful for segregating developer access by an area of responsibility; if that is your goal, you'll need to create a new project.

To request a new Tableau subproject, fill out a Tableau Project Request. This form is designed for one project or one subproject. However, if you have a large number of subprojects that report to the same parent project, and it would be burdensome to request them one at a time, you can list multiple subprojects in the "Tableau Project Name" field, separated by commas.

Sub-project names should always begin with the name of the base project, followed by "-SUB-", followed by an additional identifier. For example, the project "BL-EDSS" would have a subproject with a name like "BL-EDSS-SUB-Subproject-name".

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