At IU, what is the Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) portal?

Indiana University's Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) portal is a centrally maintained, enterprise-wide, web-based business intelligence and reporting environment. It provides a collection of dashboards, reports, tools, and information to assist the university in providing access to and analysis of institutional data. It supplements the IU Information Environment (IUIE).

The CBI features ad-hoc personalization of reports, decomposition of reports to view underlying data, drill-down/up and drill-through data functionality, workflow, and email notification, as well as features to personalize the catalog view. Developers and report publishers can save and publish reports, and Data Managers can approve security and report requests. After being published in the CBI, reports can also be published in

The CBI portal consists of two services:

  • The CBI Consumer portal: The CBI Consumer portal is accessible to all university faculty and staff who have agreed to the IU Acceptable Use Agreement for access to institutional data and applications. Consumers can navigate the catalog, add favorites, and share reports. Only users with approved security access to the reports can see the data; otherwise they see only metadata and a form for requesting access. Consumers may:
    • Add reports to their Favorites folders.
    • Share reports with colleagues who have received approval for data access.
    • Search the catalog using standard and advanced options, including the ability to search either from within the entire catalog or from only Favorites.
  • The CBI Administration portal: The CBI Administration portal is accessible to report publishers and Data Managers, allowing them to publish reports and associated metadata. It also provides Data Managers a mechanism for controlling access to reports.

Access the Consolidated BI (CBI) portal at:

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